Thursday, April 5, 2007

Good Girls || Laura Ruby

All she wanted to do was have a little bit of fun before she dumped her "friend with benefits." She wanted to take control and make him squirm. Unfortunately, Audrey ends up in the hot seat when someone snaps a pic of her in a compromising position and the pic gets spread to the worst possible sources (Um, hello, parents? I mean, ew!) and her reputation is shot to pieces.

I LOVED the voice in this novel. Audrey is snarky, smart, funny, honest, fresh, and she draws you right into her world from the first line in the book. Good Girls touches on many things: loyalty, friendship, jerks, sex, even a little bit of Christianity. There is talk of the double standard of sluts vs. players, and how it affects the way girls interact with the guys they're around, and the way adults see them. Audrey is a complex girl in a complex situation, but Laura does a good job of meshing it all together to create Audrey's world. If this book has taught me anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

I learned about this book at the Children's Literature Breakfast in a suburb of Chicago in February of this year. A friend of the author mentioned to me how Laura's editors had given her a censorship kit and warned her about possible backlash. This definitely sounded like my kind of novel!

This is one of those books I will dissect a million times, trying to figure out what Laura Ruby did right. She sucked me right in, and I was nodding every other page. This is a great, great read.

Grade: A

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