Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A-List #8 | Heart of Glass || Zoey Dean

I've been following the A-List novels since they came out a few years ago. There were tons of these books floating around—the rich, bitchy cliquey girls who seemed to be mean and exclusionary—there were the Gossip Girls, the Clique... you get my drift.

Of all the books of that sort, A-List was the one that caught my eye. I followed it religiously for a while, but I got to one particular book in the series and almost gave up on it. The name-dropping and overall snobbery frustrated me to the point that I almost didn't give a crap about Anna and Ben or Dee's increasing psychosis.

Dean has redeemed herself with this last one, though. The characters are proving to be much more dimensional than first thought, and although they still tend to get themselves into outrageous situations, they are handling them with class and the kind of assertiveness I wish I'd had as a teenager. I really enjoyed this last book and I am looking forward to the "next juicy A-List novel."

Buy it here: A-List #8, The: Heart of Glass: An A-List Novel (A-List)

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