Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two-Way Street || Lauren Barnholdt

It's a tricky game when you review books written by friends, and I've known the author for almost two years now. But ever since I'd read the blurb, I had a feeling that Two-Way Street, by the snarky Lauren Barnholdt was going to blow me out of the water. And it did.

Told in the same back-and-forth time jump of her debut novel Reality Chick, Lauren added another level and threw in alternating viewpoints! My brain hurts just thinking about working on something like that! But Lauren pulled it off well.

Courtney is forced to drive across the country with her ex-boyfriend Jordan because well, they'd planned the trip before they broke up, and it was too late to make alternative arrangements. At least, that's the word out on the street. The other word is that Jordan dumped Courtney for a chick he met on MySpace. And now she has to ride across the country with him. The guy who dumped her for a MySpace skank who Courtney has named Mercedes in her mind.


Poor Courtney.

The story jumps back and forth between the past, highlighting the development of their relationship, and the present—the three days on the road. You will be pleasantly surprised at the twists that pop up in this book, and you'll be rooting for both of them at the end.

My only complaint isn't even Lauren's fault. It's the cover artist's/photographer's fault. Jordan drives an SUV in the story, and there is a CONVERTIBLE on the cover. *grumble*

Oh well. The book's good.

Get it here: Two-Way Street

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